Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bakalao or Cod?

The only cod I knew till 5 years before, was the salted one that my grandmother was cooking traditionally on the 25 of March
served with a harsh and lethal pure garlic paste.
hen in Thessaloniki, my boyfriend had prepared for me a delicious meal
consisted of little cods (the entire fish, which seems like tiny shark)
and I was thrilled about how tasteful their flesh was fried.
Then I also taste them on a yummy soup. Marvellous.
After living in northern Spain, I cooked bakalao al pil pil
and learned how to tell apart the two species
(from about 60 that swim in the freezing North Sea).
Bakalao en salazon, full of salt, in fillets or just cod
(what remind me of a baby shark).
Then it was Nobu's famous worldwide Black Cod, for which I can return again and again in Matsuhisa restaurants.  Some days ago, I had a fully step-by- step lesson from a famous chef,
how to cook cod on vapor.  And then I decided I love that fish.

Although I do not usually post recepies, I am giving an amazing-so- deadly- garlic-paste,
so that you can accompany cod in every way you cook it.
Ok, not with soups.

Spicy garlic paste

4 slices of bread, soaked in milk
200 gr of white almonds
4 cloves of garlic (or as many as we want to kill the vampires)
15- 20 saffron fibers soaked in a bowl with 2 tbs water for about an hour
2 raw egg yolks 
200 ml extra virgin olive oil 
75-100 ml white vinegar 
spicy paprikasalt and pepper

Put in the blender almonds, bread,  egg yolks and mix well for 2 min. Add the saffron, paprika and the olive oil. Then vinegar, salt and pepper.
Thick and creamy. A smelly heaven.

The recipe is from Cristoforos Peskias and it was published in Gastronomos, issue 69, January 2012.


  1. Πω πω πραγματικά απίθανη σαλτσούλα! Την είδα κι εγώ τη συνταγή... αφού την δοκίμασες και την ενέκρινες θα την προχωρήσω!
    Και είναι και όπλο ενάντια ...στους βρικόλακες! :)

  2. Im not really a big fish fan but I wonder if this might work for chicken?

  3. @ ερμιόνη είναι η πιο ωραία σκορδαλιά που έχω δοκιμάσει! Ακόμη κι αν δεν μας αρέσει το πολύ σκόρδο, μπορούμε να το βγάλουμε και να προσθέσουμε κάτι άλλο, όπως ένα λάδι με ρίγανη ή βότανα, με τρούφα, με πάστα πιπεριάς ή ακόμη και με τριμμένο κρεμμύδι!

    @ Amber well, why not? chicken as well. It is thick, as a spread so I think it might work with everything we can relate garlic. Kiss

  4. I love fish, there is a little known fish in the UK that is my favourite. It's called River Cobbler and is farmed in Vietnam. If you can get it there you must try it.