Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blessing. Cretan food and People.

When it comes to summer vacation, 

is my number one on the list. 

Since 2005, when I visited the island for the very first time
 not even one year has passed without me

swimming in its deep, wild seas

wandering around its picturesque little villages with the extraordinary names

meeting the locals and hear the most weird stories about people and life

making new friends while choosing the sweetest watermellon

connecting with animals and nature while walking along its gorges

dancing in the naughty and playful sounds of lira

drinking crystal clear alcohol in tiny small shots till blindness

eating the real taste of every ingridient

filling my lungs with air without acidity

living pure life

I trully hope someday to call this everyday life. 

For Antonella and Creta I love, for its blessings. 

p.s. Photos taken by Olympia and Antonella, one night full of flavors and laughters. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bonnet et vin

Girls nights out usually include fancy dresses, sparkling wine and of course spicy comments about people and life in general- or just about boys. 

A decent dinner
in a mix & much, barock restaurant

in Chania inspired us for more.

We drunk my favorite Floara, from Katogi Averof,

bread and cretan olive oil to begin with,

chated about our winter plans,
commented like professionals about food, 

and we decided that  Vicky's shrimp and curry ravioli was overcurried and overcooked, so heavy taste. 

On the other hand, my wild mushroom risotto, although delayed,
was really 
smooth, creamy and oozy. 

 We left the restaurant full, with a slight dizziness and an untold will to smack the night.

And so we did.

ps. The pictures are taken by my best friends Antonella  and Olympia on our summer vacations in my favorite greek destination. Crete, forever. Thank you so much girls. 

ps2. Skoufos & Oinos, Kalergon 24, Chania, +30 2821050878

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let them EaT CaKe

Our coveted September issue is out now.
Eleven unique recipes for mouthwatering chocolate cakes. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

In Paris, where pastry is all around

Never been to Paris, but always Paris "finds me" in one or another way- round 2.
Lover both of food photografy ( yet not capable of making extravagant shots), and professional pastry (c.c eating sweets of any kind),
I couldn't pass by a marvellous idea like
"Patisserie" reminders around  the City of  Light ( or maybe City of candy). I am glad I saw Fantasy Pallete in between the images.Susan Hochbaum is a rather creative designer, who's book is about to be published.
Great, sweet idea. We will be waiting.
ps. The rasberry macaron photo is taken from unefoisparmoi blog.