Friday, February 11, 2011

Eat your design.

"Listen to food. Have you ever chatted with a carrot? or even a tomato? Just do it once. They have so much to say. If you pay attention, the ingredients will finally tell you what you should do."
Jose Andres, chef.

Spain is my great love, a country I respect, my Mecca. So, when combined to food and drink, makes  the Holy Trinity. Last week I was invited at the opening of an interesting exhibition. A bunch of fresh Spanish designers inspired from contemporary Gastronomy, have created everyday's utensils and fine art de la table. The curator Martin Azua and co-curator Sergi Vich, whom I met and I am happy about it, have placed all these objects on a long dinner table, like the ones that held family events.

The name of the exhibition is Foodjects and it is being held in the "Athens School of Fine Arts" in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy and it will last till the 18th of February. These are some pieces which I would like to have in my kitchen, as a single girl. Como una soltera.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nobu. That simple.

My taste spectrum has expanded enough through the years. When it comes to f-o-o-d, like when it comes to love, I taste- try everything. From this huge list of savor, few things are excluded- sushi was one, until some years before. But, as it seemed, it was the absolute outsider that won the battle. Thanks to Nobu Matsuhisa. 

Nobu’s restaurants are that famous worldwide, as the sushi itself. Quality materials,  exquisite service, great atmosphere, a place to be. Pure and simple. So, with every chance, I am there. And this is the ultimate dessert, mochi. At Matsuhisa Athens. That simple.

 ps. The chef patissier is called Marinos and something tells me that we will be listening at his name a lot in the short future.