Sunday, October 2, 2011

When friends come to visit...

at your own house. 
the one you made chosing one by one its colors, furniture, every detail,
so it would be "homy" enough to raise your newborn 
and keep forever alive the love of its family. 
To live happily in it ever after. 
Hapinness is all around.

Alexia is now a proud mom and we were so willing to see her cuddling her child. 
Such a caring mother. 
And now twice as beautiful. 

Ice cream macarons from Sucre,
a new pastry store in Irakleion. 

Oly's photos. Merci.


  1. what a pretty little party and ice cream macarons sound divine

  2. Κι όμως τα κατάφερα. Το σύστημα με λυπήθηκε! Φιλάκια

  3. OMG these macarons have me drooling!! Happy motherhood by the way :))

  4. Such a lovely afternoon...!!You cheer me up so much after so many hours in house!
    Love to have you again with my favourite fireplace keep us company ,this time, as we will be talking and talking and talking and.....