Sunday, October 30, 2011

fall is bringing summer memories

Eating out in a chic restaurant might be ordinary or special event.Visiting one when on vacation, is common.
Me eating in one, when visiting Crete, is rare.
Mostly because there I enjoy rural, simple food more than stylish, new cuisine.

Isla is a bar restaurant in Gouves, Irakleion. 
We attended a sushi night, but just asian wasn't enough.

 So we added an italian saffron risotto,
a mediterranean fresh green salad,
a greek dip of feta cheese and juicy tomatoes, oregano and olive oil.
We were in Crete, afterall.
 Sharing dinner was better than food itself.

My Oly, a promising -producer- to- be.
(who I have to thank for taking those pictures, like a professional food photographer)

My Antonella, a young businesswoman,
full of joy.  And passion (about him). 

Vasilis, her guy. A pilates master.
Athletic ,adventurous and calm.

And me. Eating. With all my senses.
Feeling grateful about taste and friends in my life.

Hope next summer it will be all of us around the same table.


  1. Σας το εύχομαι κι εγώ! Να περνάτε πάντα όμορφα, εκεί που θέλετε, όπως το θέλετε!! Φιλιά

  2. So interesting! I love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? X

  3. If only I ve been there with you!!!

  4. @L. ωωω...σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ! Γυρίστε μαγουλάκι,σμακ.

    @ Isabellea I liked yours too! My pleasure!

    @ new mum- εσένα πια σε υπολογίζουμε τριπλή, κι αυτό είναι η πιο μεγάλη χαρά! Να μου φιλήσεις το πατουσάκι, οκ;