Thursday, July 4, 2013

Love in a delightful birthday party

Summer calendar is full enough to keep me away from my base, Athens.
Being busy with travelling I hardly have time to think that all my friends left me alone in the big city. Went back to their native places, or abroad to work and/or study.
Well, fortunately I can follow or visit some of them.

Destination: Crete. Purpose: Vicky's Birthday Party.

Vicky (on the right, smiling with her heart) is such a tease.
Surreal screenwriter, enthousiastic film professional, free spirit, artistic by nature.
We celebrate her birthday at Antonella's (the batman girl) lovely house.
It was a gleeful night with family,
parents, boyfriends, best friends and a bright dog, Pedro.

Big hugs, happy faces, real pleasure meeting with a long aftertaste.

The guest of honor was Christoph, Vicky's boyfriend from Switzerland, who is, apart from handsome and hyper-polite, a promising pastry chef.
He made for his girl a unique six-layer b-day cake.

The miraculous cake consisted of a buttery sable bisquit, a delicate chocolate sponge, a thick chocolate ganache, a fluffy chocolate mousse, red fresh strawberries ans a rich vanilla topping cream put as snatchy waves, resembling a naughty sea with wooden floating paper ships!

We had pizza's, fresh tomato salads, satay chicken on teriyaki sauce, a delicious strand filled with veggies and meat and Pimm's original to "chin- chin" and to celebrate both Vicky's day and her new start to Amsterdam September coming.
Cheers to all!

ps. I dedicate this post to the b-day girl, wishing her all the best.
Big thanx for the photos, guys.

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