Thursday, January 5, 2012

Egg is the new black

I hadn't fully realized how much I like eggs. 
As a Greek, raised by grandma, when I think of eggs, almost automatically remember 
my daily over-proteined brunch (the Spanish call it "merenda"), 
with one raw egg, scrambled in a pot with sugar and cocoa powder. 
A thick cream, so sweet and greasy I couldn't swallow. 
Everytime the pot should end, though.

Most restaurants I visited those last months 
had an egg version on their menu- starter, salad or first plate. 
Combined with chives or anoints, salmon or even truffle, 
egg can be the perfect canvas for a chef, 
and at the same time a hyper cheap material for the restaurant owners. 

Mayonnaise, tortilla de patata, oeuf poche benedicte, eggnog, 
or just boiled for 4 minutes with extra pepper - egg can make a rich meal. 
By all means. 

 The photo depicts the reason why I do like them so much. 
Fried in pure butter, with potato chips, thyme, black pepper and salt. 
 And in my case, chef made. 
Special thanx to Alexandros Papandreou, 
who after a 5-hour step- by- step-recipe photoshoot 
was still willing to continue cooking just because we were hungry.