Thursday, December 27, 2012

Breakfast is just the beginning

"If only people came with a restart button".
2012 was really tough and heavy. 

Such little time for myself, so many hours spent on traffic jams, meetings, working, thinking, explaining, taking care of others. 
I count the times I had to re-estimate relationships, take over same actions,
re-arrange time, prioritize, fall to zero and climb up again.
All these
intensively, since February. Ten months later I feel that it was enough.

I needed some time alone at a familiar place. 

Me in the kitchen. Food helps me think clearly.
Quiet, strong tea and salty butter. Crispy bread, smooth goat cheese. 
Sour and sweet homemade berries' confiture.
Made myself a breakfast. Procrastination just died. 
A great day just started.
And off I go.